Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

INNOVATE AND IMPLEMENT: Our approach is based on letting the students learn creatively, through experimentation, innovation and exploration. We give ample scope to each student to focus on creative problem solving skills using interactive learning methods. In-fact, our entire curriculum is designed to relatively enhance practicality with emphasis on fundamentals to address the exam confidently.


COURSEWARE:  The core to our strength. Extensively researched and developed by the best in the field. Covers the whole gamut of topics with updated synopsis, worked examples and real time exercises.


CLASSROOM SESSIONS:  All our centers will have spacious well lit and ventilated classrooms. Classes will be conducted by experts with immense experience. Each session imparts excellent coaching towards effective problem solving, doubt clearing and clarity of concepts, all aimed at addressing the exam with complete preparedness and confidence.


ENGLISH:  We give immense importance in improving our students comprehension of English to inspire them  to take up the exams with confidence.


TESTS AND ASSESSMENT:  Our tests are simulations of the JEE (Main & Advance), NEET,  K-CET and COMED-K  in every sense. This will help  analyze  the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of individual feedback will enhance each student performance including time and stress management skills.


ATTENTION:  Lesser number of students in each class to ensure individual attention. Regular interaction with parents to update on student progress.

MENTORS:  Well – trained mentors who take care of individual student’s needs, problems, concerns and feedback, attendance follow-up, personal mentoring, marks records, reviews on their performance etc.,